ACME was established in 1974, provides educational knowledge along with a variety of latest information about cultures and lifestyles to general public. The ALL-IN-ONE process『Integrating publishing, printing, binding and Internet technology』ensures the outstanding quality delivered to general public. ACME is devoted to pre-school educational material, developed extracurricular books for children aged 7-12, dictionaries, law books and general books, and distributes to both onshore and offshore all the publications of the group. Our books are distributed in Taiwan and over ten Chinese-clustered areas. There are about 300 new titles published every year and around 25,000 books into the market since established.

Enjoy Thinking

E.T.Studio was founded in 2014. Our goal is to combine Taiwan culture and creativity with Boradgames. Hope that everyone can learn and enjoy thinking while playing our games. Both of our games are card games ,and easy to play.
Children over seven years old can learn and enjoy our game. Cute animals are also our feature. "Fish Fight!" is a game about 8 ocean animals and the food chain between them. And "Kung-Fu Fight!" is a game about the great figh of Ninja Cats and Monk Dogs


We combine Taiwanese materials with adorable images and special packages. Through our products, customers could enjoy board games with their family and friends. According to our test in several activities, we found that players could effectively establish communication and observation while playing. In addition, players could develop intelligent of left brain and right brain as well. Also, we could provide you ideas as many as possible in order to reach a win-win result and increase the highest cooperation IP licensing, collaboration, and designing creative industries products.


We are a group of people who love board games. MoZi Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2014, since then, we try to design games which make people get closer to each other. We continually participate in international exhibitions to bring our well-designed games to the world.