We hope you like our games! 

We are a group of people who love board games. MoZi Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2014, since then, we try to design games which make people get closer to each other. We continually participate in international exhibitions to bring our well-designed games to the world. 

The original aspirations of MoZi are cohesion the family membership and drawing up the relationship in crowds. We design the unique works with excellent quality. In addition, we hope that everyone who play our games may play in a simple way and experience the joy of board game.

The main developing of MoZi is board game related:

1. Products design and publish: design board games for interpersonal communication and entertainment. We also work with local artists and education units for exclusive games to promote the spirit of culture. So far, we had published 15 board games. In 2019, we'll publish 30 board games.

2. Marketing: Hold workshops, camps and design competitions for board game.

3. Step forward into international market: We join international exhibitions positively and intro.

4.Customize, life oriented and cross-industry alliance: We prepare series of board game activities like board game design, gamification of Business Management, PNP make up and parent-child board game interaction. Also, we combine with different culture and theme characters to make a special experience.