There are kinds of assortment flowers in four seasons. These flowers and trees interlace with one another become a great landscape. Let’s plant some lovely flowers! Who will design the most colorful sea of flowers?

Every player chooses a set of player markers. The game is played in 2 phases: Collect and Design.

Collect: Choose 3 Garden tiles, place a player marker and draw 3 Garden tiles from the bag.

Design: All players face up their 6 Garden tiles and place these Flower tiles together at the same time.

After all players finished their sea of flowers, the game ends. The player with the most points wins the game.

In Full Bloom

    • 2-4 players
    • 15-20 min
    • 6+
    • Languages: English, Japanse
    • Theme: Garden, flower
    • Type: Family Game, Children's Game