Buzz! Let’s work! Queen is the core of the bee society and bees are all busy for her. If we meet other bees, just fight it! Protect your Queen, make your kingdom as long as you can.

Players set up 7 bee cards secretly and face down in a row in the Fight Area. Place a bee card on the Support Area. Players can refer following picture. Note: Queen could be place in the player area.

In your turn, you can: Roll the dice or Fight.

If player gets 1 of the goal, he/she wins and the game ends:

  • If your bumblebee covers on opponent’s Queen.
  • The other player can’t pay any more honey.

Line Up! Bees

    • 2 players
    • 10-20 min
    • 7+
    • Languages: English, Japanse, Chinese
    • Theme: Bees, 2-players, 
    • Type: Family Game, Children's Game