How sweet you eat?

After hearing the story of Sweet Nose, just try it!


Firstly, players can set up thesweetness markers secretly. In your turn, You can choose one action from following:


1. Exange with other players:

Choose one of your candies and put in one of other player's bowl. Then take one of the player's candies from plate to your bowl.

2. Exange with market:

Choose one of your candies from plate and put it in the market. Then take one back to your plate.


Be careful! Don't get so many sweet candies.....

The winner is the one who eats the fewest sweeness!



Sweet Nose

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    • 3-5 players
    • 30 min
    • 10+
    • Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese
    • Theme: Candy, Chinese trditioal story, Sweetness