Dai Chao Chun event, or as "Dai Wansheng incident". One of the three major civilizations during the Qing dynasty in Taiwan was also the oldest man who, since 1862, settled down to 1865 and lasted for more than four years. The cause of the incident is caused by the government to suppress the gossip, the impact of the north to the big armor, south to Chiayi, throughout the middle of Taiwan. Although the perpetrators of Dai Chao Chun, but with those who include local tyrants, gentlemen, of which Lin Rucheng, Hong Cong and other most powerful.

After Dai Chaochun event, the fog peak Lin family because of the establishment of military power, access to a large number of land and camphor monopoly, jumped into the most powerful family in Taiwan, but also planted future hatred between the government and Lin seeds.

Xiang-Yong(Country Brave) source in the early Qing Dynasty soldiers. Yongzheng eight years (1730), the Ordination of the Wumeng tribe, the recruiting of the township soldiers, but the spin-off spin, non-system of the division. Qianlong fifty-two years, Fuk Ankang Xiang-Yong(Country Brave) pressure Lin Shuangwen, Jiaqing years to crack Chuanchu Bailian uprising, the Qing court in addition to the local party training, but also recruiting rural courage. From this phase along the example.

Justice is sometimes a combination of countless interests and desires. In the game we have to try to win over the other players to strengthen the strength of their team, but the reality is cruel, the last truth you may be the only weak game!


    • 4-6 players
    • 20-30 min
    • 7Y+
    • Languages: Chinese, English
    • Theme: Fight, Memory, Team Cooperation

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